Know God. Love God. Serve God.

Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

The heart of Horizon Church is to make disciples who are formed by the Word of God, a life of prayer, and service to Jaco and the global community.  We want to equip each person to live a life of mission as we strive to build a healthy counter-cultural international community in Jaco, Costa Rica.

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Bienvenido a Horizon Church Jaco.

¡Conéctese con nosotros y díganos lo que le interesa!

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Small Groups 

Various Times Throughout Week | On Campus

Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage, but a community sharing life together each week. Bible Study groups are the way we gather during the week around scripture and in fellowship. 
For more information on how to get connected, take 3 minutes to fill out our Online Connect Card and a staff member will be in contact. 




Horizon Youth Group

Jesus’ ministry on earth was spent hanging out with a rag tag team of 12 teenagers that changed the course of human history.


At Horizon Church we seek to train and equip leaders to follow in Jesus’ footsteps as they are encouraged to walk with youth in our community.


We believe if today’s youth are given a space to encounter God in an authentic way, then they too can impact the world for God’s Kingdom. 

Every Thursday

Thursdays | 5:00-7:00pm


Noon Prayer | Wednesdays 

Horizon Church is committed to prayer.

We want to live lives empowered by the Holy Spirit and we believe the vehicle for transformation in us, our community, and world is through prayer.  

We invite you to join us on campus every Wednesday for an hour as we seek to hear from the Lord through worship, silence, scripture, and community prayer. 

Every Wednesday

12pm Noon on Campus


Small Groups

Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage, but a community sharing life together each week. 

Bible Study groups are the way we gather together each week around scripture & fellowship. 

Contact a ministry leader below for information on how to get involved. Someone will reach out to share the different groups.

Varied Throughout Week

Different times on campus

Existimos para

Conoce a Dios Ama a Dios.

Servir a Dios.

Conoce a Dios

En Horizon Church Jaco, deseamos que cada hombre, mujer y niño venga a experimentar a Cristo de manera personal. Vemos la Palabra de Dios como el medio para entender el corazón de Dios. Creemos que es vivo, activo y transformador para nuestra vida cotidiana. Por lo tanto, enfatizamos la Palabra de Dios como un medio para conocer a Dios.

Ama a Dios

Creemos que cualquiera que realmente llegue a conocer a Dios amará a Dios y expresará ese amor por él. Nuestra visión para la adoración es crear un ambiente donde las personas puedan encontrar al Dios Viviente. Nos esforzamos por hacer esto a través de la oración, la adoración, el dar y el estudio de la Palabra de Dios.

Servir a Dios

Los seguidores de Jesús están llamados a convertirse en siervos. Queremos demostrar activamente el amor abnegado sirviendo a las personas que nos rodean. Somos una familia y, como una familia, todos colaboramos. Hay oportunidades de servicio dentro de la iglesia, local e internacionalmente. Haga clic a continuación para ver las áreas donde puede servir.


Conéctese con nosotros y conozca formas en que puede ayudar a servir a nuestra comunidad durante este tiempo